Is the world just a cage, my sweet hummingbird?
Say you can fly anywhere, they make sure you can only lurch for the dirt,

Is the world just a song that no one hears, my sweet hummingbird?

The sun pulls the strings of the trees,

The cut up trees sink like quicksand and play drums on the dirt beneath,

Their bloody bark like drunken eyes stare darts at you,

Oh my hummingbird……

You are at one with nature,

Nature is in the ground with you.


Is the truth relative or just a distraction, my little hummingbird?

All these birds have different colors and different skins,

But they beg and pray those that take them as prey for another day,

Beaks all buried in the same sand,

Waves of progress tickle your seashell ears,

They sound like an eulogy,

(Drown in them)

The truth is now universal,

The foxes are here.


Oh hummingbird….. Don’t wonder what else you can be,

Everyone is in chains… But their truth is they are free,

In your cage,

The blue sky is just a painted barricade,

Locked inside,

Paradise is just your imagination.


The foxes are coming again,

Can’t we break out of this caged prison?

Beg for our last meals,

Maybe if we die we can finally feel.


Gathering up our young,

Migrating in our cages,


Your freedom is in your death,

You’ll fly into heaven,

Once you drown in your trail of tears.


The foxes are here……




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