Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me……


When existence was a clean slate that cleaned itself just to look for life,

Forces of nature forced themselves on the ground and formed particles of dust,

Dust scattered in the wind, suspending gravity and poisoning the pearl-covered pearly gates,

So the dogs jumped out of the cages of heaven and to earth they escaped….


Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me…..


In a fit of helplessness tied to a tree, not knowing which fruit to eat,

These dogs in a fit of confused rage began barking,

In incoherent violent screams; we saw the birth of tribes based on genes,

The dogs noticed their appetites for other dogs,

And in their blood they formed a hierarchy.


Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me….


Tribal dogs don’t bark as well,
Tribal dogs go work that rail,

Tribal dogs put all hands on deck until their hands freeze off,

Tribal dogs are the ones we can eat,

Tribal dogs will pick cats as a crop for cheap,

Tribal dogs aren’t dogs if we say they are commodities,

If there’s a tribal dog who’s intelligent please cut off his teeth,

We will elect a dog named Jerry and his wife Mander will do our populating,

Only dogs with the right tribe can leave a paw print,

We will eat any dog who doesn’t mutter vows of subservient ¬†acceptance.


Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me…..


Temporary roadblocks caused us to go back into the doghouse in the 1930’s,

Some regimes of dogs got too much power… So we put electricity in their teeth,

They will know no power when they can’t breathe,

Just preach how our breed of dogs is better than any other breed,

Then they will never know power or harmony,

Tell them all the other dogs want to do is take their dog houses,

And preach to them that our God Snoopy doesn’t exist; he is but a dog’s imaginary figment,

Tell them just to go out and shop for squeaky toys,

To fill their most squeaky voids,

Meanwhile plan to gorge their bones,

Sell them for cheap for our better homes,

Meanwhile plan to cut off their skulls,

They’ll call it a vacation when their head rolls off into a new doggy land,

They’ll just want to buy new doggy soles.


So dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me,

This is the way everything is supposed to be,

As rabid as rabid can be,

If you aren’t rabid you must be missing something.


So then the dogs tore down a wall with their teeth,

1989 was the year I think,

They said this is the new 1492,

We will trade plagues and call them gold… What can you do?

And now instead of using cats to communicate with the world,

The dogs can use their mobile skulls,

So now other dogs are building things to keep these tribal dogs quiet and from the truth,

Meanwhile every dog is getting eaten,

I guess it is tough to see the bite marks when your neck is in a noose….


Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me,

I’ve been prey my whole life so it is normalcy,

Dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me,

If everyone was rabid their would be less rabid behavior…

That’s always been our thinking.


You think we have eight billion dogs,

But we actually have about six,

They can control everything,

Direct us all like pawns with a bone and a stick,

They are too fat to move, but when they do the world explodes and bends to their will,

And we are scattered like that dust in the wind,

Hoping we have a chance to eat a good healthy meal in the heavens…


So dogs eat dogs eat dogs eat me,

Oh God a never-ending food chain, but not even a hierarchy,

Because there’s only six at the top and just their prey below,

And the only way to fix the mess in the earth’s kennel,

Is to throw those dogs more bones,

And somehow that will give us some power and something to eat,

Or is it more like…

Somehow that will silence or barking…..

I’m just a dog with the hope that I can be one of the six,

It’s what we all want we just won’t admit,

To eat on other dogs meat and hope they will give us more dogs to feed on,

The world is a doghouse,

We have always been the chew toys,

The vacant pawns.


Dogs eat dogs…..








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