Six/Time (Annie)


This time is flying by over cities and skylines,

In a straight line; the sun ages and goes into the clouds door; rescinds and is no longer alive,

After a while you lose the light, time flies by and then attacks you in a drive by,

Blood in the cement in a peculiar shape; your life is abstract art; 80 years of colliding time and space,

With emotions forming the margins in between; circumstance often defines your beauty,

But time eventually gives up on you; your image is just melted into a crack in the cement,

And generations and generations only hope that time treats them better in the heavens.


But time…..

After time…..

I’m amazed by you and only you….

And time…..

Will never fly past me…..

As long as I’m in the stars with you.



Traveled inside of me,

A lethal injection of nostalgia and mercury,

I saw and felt all of human history,

A combination of crosses, maps, and misery,

Interchangeable parts interchanging themselves,

The arrow sues the bomb and claims identity theft,

There was a pain deep inside of me,

A bunch of voids filling me,

Like I was on top of a mountain build of straw,

I had everything I wanted yet nothing at all…..


And time kept going by,

In circles shaped and disguised as straight lines,

More of a photograph than an actual human being,

Like a seed being thrown from the eye of a harvest to an eye of a storm,

Flying over the ocean,

I saw the world,

But I couldn’t grow in it alone.


But time….

After time…

I’m amazed by you and only you….

And time….

After time…..

After time I want to be with you and only you.


Then time froze and an everlasting moment began,

The trees sang when I first met you and you decided to take my hand,

Reciting astrologies I could never pronounce or understand,

I saw an eternity in your eyes and my new life began….


A baptism in your kiss,

Reborn into a permanent bliss,

Even when I’m resigned to my blues,

I can plant a new harvest when I’m with you.


My life has turned into,

A list of memories I will eventually create with you,

This time is no longer passing me by,

Because you are the world’s pilot,

Generous and beautiful enough to offer me a first class flight….


In your eyes….


And time….

After time…

I’m amazed by you and only you….

And time….

After time….

I dream of all the time I will eventually get to spend with you.


In your eyes….

There’s everything beautiful about humanity,

There’s waves of pure water crashing into castles of sand,

There’s an eraser for all the misconceptions of man,

There’s a light that fills every inch of a tunnel and not just the ends,

There’s a romance that is only filled with new beginnings,

There’s skyscrapers that are not considered as valuable as humans that will eventually inhabit the sky,

There’s a billion of liars that have forgotten how to lie,

There’s a moon covered with water and ridden of flags,

In your eyes….

There’s a utopia… A promiseland…


And I get to go there almost every night,

Like we are hiding from an apocalypse, we are covered in the covers so tight,

And maybe we will transcend… Again and again,

Because one day your beautiful eyes will cause gravity to your will bend,

And we will be up in the sky… Up with the sun,

Flying with the winds of time,

Instead of letting time pass us by.


But time….

After time….

I’m flying with you and only you….

And time….

After time…

All the time I’m amazed by you and only you.




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