Annie’s Song

I woke up with this song in my head one morning,

I tried to open my mind and get it out, but on the ground it was moaning,

Blending in with the whistling wind,

They formed a refrain that consisted of the most timeless sounding violins,

The wind blew the refrain between the crevices of the mountains and the colorful trees,

Formed endless and wordless verses that silenced all other music, inferior harmonies of all forms were given chloroform,

Lying motionless in my bed,

Smiling and content knowing the orchestra and the strings of this song were mine,

And this song was never leaving my head.


But the song left slipped my mind one evening,

And I sat in my bed…. Dripping tears played strings against the fret of my frightened and sunken face,

Posted fliers against the traffic of freeways and said: “I’m looking for the rhythm of the world!”

One day a man reached back out to me and said:

“I think you are looking for the music of love,

I think you are looking for a symphony that can only be found in the blending of the two most beautiful souls!”


So I went from bedroom to bar room,

Looking for the right refrain,

The only music I found was a combination of anguish and pain,

Went through trees and went through seas,

Everything swallowed sound,

Love was deafening and empty.


So I went home and I planned to cut off my ears,

Didn’t want the false hope of hearing a song that I wasn’t meant to hear,

And just as I was giving up hope….

An angel came and whispered in my bloody ear,

Nursed me back to life and said:

“Blair, this is the song you’ve always wanted to hear!”


This song summons me and surrounds me,

Defines and suspends me and what is normally my gravity,

It is the soundtrack of our souls,

It is every beautiful note combined yet still original and pure,

Yet it is simply my love’s whisper,

A whisper that assures me I’m where I’m supposed to be,

In the middle of heaven,

With the music of every swaying mountain and tree swallowing me.


So I woke up with you in my bed this morning,

And I asked for your song to be my permanent road ahead,

Add bells to our refrain and verses please!

I want to hear the song of your world for the rest of our little eternity.


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