Make Love To You

Me and you… Under that half moon,

And you say: “I don’t like the way I think……

and I don’t like the way I feel”….

So I know just what to do,

I’ll make love to you,

Like you always wanted me to,

Like I’m supposed to do,

I’ll make love to you……


(Have you ever felt anything like this?
There’s no disguise for your bliss,

Moans as sharp as glass and so loud they break glass,

Love so passionate you feel every lover in your past,

And forget them too,

So come here and I’ll make love to you…..)


Under a cut down tree….

Bare and bodies covered with the thinnest of leaves,

Naked as we came….

Barren fruits trapped yet running free,

How can you be trapped if you are unaware of your trappings?

Mouth attached to your breast…..

We stand as still as a portrait,

A portrait that is locked away from time to time,

Yeah we are prisoners of this moment,

Yet it is a moment that transcends time,


Handcuffs in our kisses….

Locked into the four walls of your body,

Your sweat quenches my thirst,

And like drunken ants we just roll around in the filth,

Worship the dirt like it stores crucifixes,

Did you ever think you would feel anything like this?


It’s you and me…..

Under those forbidden leaves,

And you scream:

“I don’t like the way I think….

And I don’t like the way I feel …”

So… Baby… I know just what to do,

I make love to you,

Like you’ve always wanted me to……


(Did you ever think you would feel anything like this?

Your smile is forming its own language,

I read between the lines and then I cross them and snort them at the same time,

Seep under every inch of your skin and have every inch of my skin submerge inside of you,

You have all of me enslaved to you,

And I’ll scream the word enslaved just to get a laugh from you,

All you will think about all day is how I could do this to you all day,

Take an extended lunch break,

I promise I will have you back to work by daybreak,

So swallow your pride and then swallow what is my pride,

You and I will be one tonight,

Don’t disguise your bliss,

You never thought you would feel anything like this)


There’s some thoughts I cannot shake out of my open mind,

Thoughts of what I would do if you weren’t mine…..

Because I feel like all of human history has been in search of this joy,

The gold in your smiles enriches me and covers all my voids…..



When they created the wheel they ran themselves over,

When they created the chip they put it on their shoulders,

When they created fire they burnt themselves down to the brittle bone……

But when they arranged those burnt bones and those fragments of skin……

They created the only thing that is flawless about this civilization,

A goddess in a crown of myrrh and perfume,

The epicenter of all maps and the murderer of all compasses,

You are all creation and all location in a steady stream of consciousness,

And when I’m inside of you I feel all of the world,

And I feel like all of the world’s mistakes have been rectified,

Because this bliss belongs to me,

Forever it will be mine…….


The half moon comes down to our ground….

It says:

“I’m never going back,

Because I’ve finally seen heaven….”

A utopia in every kiss,

Anytime I’m inside of you,

I’m born again.


You and me,

Above the sky and trees…..

I’ve never felt anything like this,

I’ve never felt anyone like this,

I’ve never felt the way I do,

When I make love to you.


You’ve never felt anything like this.



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