I Need Somebody

I Need Somebody is the fifth track on my new album titled Bakersfield…. For a free download of this song….  visit this link 



Sitting on the dock of the bay,

Drunk and wasting away,

I spend all my time drinking,

Yet I wonder why time won’t have a drink with me,

But really I’m just a product of time,

Every minute is a piece of glass down my spine,

The glass comes out of my teeth,

End up stepping on that glass and bleeding on the grass beneath,

So I’m bleeding because of my time?

I’m such a sick person,

Is there any escape for me?

I really think I just need somebody,

I really just need somebody,

I really just need a body,



I really just need somebody…

Will I ever find somebody?


(Am I wasting my time if I look for love down the wrong avenues?
I feel like I’ve used every Atlas and map and I still don’t know where to go to,

Every place I go to is a three-car pile up of lust, lack of sympathy, and lack of virtue,

And I’m a spectator in traffic not knowing what to do,

Every place is an orgy with drinks of 100% proof,

They bleed love and bleed lust but just leave you dizzy and confused,

Will I ever find what I need?

Or will I waste more time on a myth… one that is disproven by psychology?

Does monogamy even exist?

Is love even on my compass?

I don’t know where I’ll end up,

I don’t know where I’ll go,

I just know I need somebody….

For sure)




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