It’s Cool… We Can Still Be Friends

You don’t talk to me the way you used to,

Just a casual hello followed by a harsh goodbye,

You don’t touch me the way you wanted to,

You don’t even talk about it…

You just stare at the sky.


You don’t miss me the way you longed to,

It’s okay… I guess you have other things to fill up your time.


And every day just passes by…

A different version of the last…

And you get quiet when I want loud,

It feels like the end…..

But it’s cool we can still be friends,


It’s cool we can still be friends.


You don’t need me like you did before,

Anytime I offer my advice you just close the door,

You don’t laugh with me like you did yesterday,

I guess I’m just immature… Got to grow up in every way,

You don’t sing when I hum,

We even quit drinking rum.


And second it just circles my head,

And every minute I just wish I was dead,

I feel a connection and you feel a separation,

It feels like the end….

But it’s cool we still be friends.




I hide under covers,

It’s funny because you used to be warmth,

I skate down highways,

It’s funny because your beauty used to be the only thing that could make me freeze,

I cry when I watch movies,

I guess everything it just reminds me of you.


You promised me so many different things,

You promised me one day we could be,

But I guess you can’t be in love twice,

I guess I’ll never be as good as the other guys,

I’m just a means without an end,

Your disgusting fiend,

But It’s cool we can still be friends,


It’s cool we can still be friends.



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