Did you have a thought or did a thought have you?

A wise man once asked me under a sky so blue,

Did you have love or did love have you?

He asked me in a whisper with the urgency of a plea,

Then I sat next to him for a minute that felt like a week,

Weak on my knees, taking effort to even blink,

Stumbled over my words like they were cement blocks, tongue tied in the tightest of knots,

I screamed: ¬†“Is all of life in how you perceive?”


His nod and his smile combined,

And they blended in with the color the setting sun left behind,

Then a sun began to set inside of me,

I control everything yet nothing,

The sun and the ground at the same time,

All of my life was in my mind.


I knew a woman once, but that woman didn’t know me,

Beauty that cannot be described, but thoughts dragged her into captivity,

Beneath the remnants of her inner sea, tied up on a string of coral reefs,

Waves moved through her consistently, but the waves were not of truth or reality,

She made her own misery and she sat in her prison cell,

Begging to be set free,

Yet not realizing that her captivity was of her own making.


She threw everyone around her into the sea,

Yet asked them to bring her to shore,

She threw everyone around her into her cell,

Yet always asked us what it was like to be free,

Her reality was in her mind yet it became our reality too,

She drowned and colored the world in her thoughts that were so blue.


Did you have thoughts or did your thoughts have you?

I ask myself that every night under the ocean that is under the moon,

Are you in love or do you even have love in you?

I ask myself that under a setting sun that is formless yet new,

I guess I can only feel what I want to feel…..


You know it is real,

You know that it is truth,

Because it stings you and cuts you deep,

Yet leaves you feeling totally in control,

A haunting and numbing realization,

Demands your joy and your affirmation,

The truth will fuck you up,

Yet it is only up to you,

The truth is a the sun,

Surrounded by billions of invisible rotating moons,

Darkness and light combined,

Your own world is what you perceive,

What you hold inside.


I knew a man once but that man didn’t know me,

He spoke of  love inside a book full of pig-tailed pages,

Preached that love in red letters to people with pig-tailed ears,

Only hearing what they wanted to hear,

They colored a world where love was disguised as fear,

And they fear difference and they feared distance,

Yet they claimed it was love,

And they killed in the name of this love,

And we sat back in fear.


And I saw that man in my dreams, more like my nightmares,

I asked him if he really had love inside of him,

He said he loved more than anyone has loved anything,

It is just that his love was fear and his love was violence,

Flashes of people carried out on stretchers, tied to chairs,

The sun had bent to the moon,

Light was taken from the air.


And I sat in the darkness,

Wondering how this kind of love spread like a plague,

Like dust in the wind,

An airborne virus the sun couldn’t tame,

They call it their God and their religion,

Killing in his name,

Yet it isn’t love it is just what they classify as love,

I knew then it wasn’t permanent,

That the sun could still rise from mans shadow that had gone to the sky,

That had clouded the above.


So I’m here and I’m saying what I think,

I think I love the way things could be,

But that utopia seems so far from reality,

But it starts with recognizing that reality can be our invention,

And that this plague of reality can soon be fiction,

And we will be standing with our thoughts and our love,

The sun breaks out of the sea and overtakes the moon above,

Just our truth and our love,

And we will feel the sting that comes with the first glances of purity,

Will you sit under this sun with me?

Even if it is only darkness ahead of us…

The sun can still be here if you believe it exists,

If you show it to others, tell them it is on their compass,

So sit in this darkness with me,

Speak poisonous truth into the air until the darkness ends up dying,

And the sun will come back from the ashes and greet you and me,

The world is ours,

But first we have to create a world worth keeping.


In our speech,

In our mind,

In our love,

In our time….


The world is yours,

And the world is mine.


Did you have a thought or did a thought have you?



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