They used to have chains now they just have business chains,

They used to have guillotines now they just have wasps and mush born in their brains,

They used to have faulty science now they just claim that anyone who is suffering is just invisible,

A poison drink for anyone who uses evidence to conclude and think, we are post-everything,

Invisible roots form invisible trees that swallow generations of people when they are least expecting,

And they are spit out as roots and bark, then we step on them and wonder why they don’t have “that spark,”

And the weeping willow soil below grows more chains that are even more invisible,

And like cogs in a factory machine, our whitened teeth smile and our souls glean,

We used to have slavery and whips now we have ignorance that this slavery still exists,

We used to at least be aware,

But 1856 much like 2016,

We still have blood on the fucking cement.


Raised into thinking these structures and these hierarchies are innate,

Adam had to go work in the factory, while evil Eve breastfed that satanic snake,

Raised into thinking those who cry must want something more than a hug,

We will have our posters of Jesus eating Apple Pies and claim everyone has an equal shot at love,

Quoting patriarchal scriptures on pulpits made of the most docile glass,

We will wonder why victims can’t speak up when we force-feed them rhetorical nitrous gas,

And when you ask us about the bodies falling like bark from these broken trees,

We will scream like we have experienced all of the world’s suffering,

And say “Why do you keep talking about the past, baby?”

Giving chloroform to anyone who speaks any one of the truths many forms,

Claiming this is the greatest generation, it might just be the least aware,

It’s like if you don’t recognize suffering and pretend things are perfect you are heaven sent,

But 4000 BC with Adam like 2016 with Donald, again and again,

There’s still blood on the fucking cement.


As graves take trains and try to fly towards that infinite sun,

Just so they can cover the light and let them know that darkness has won,

And so with their steam they can pollute the air and silence those who have been so unaware,

They will have nooses and bruises covering their necks, blood pours out from the heavens and the sky,

And they’ll be blood on the fucking cement, but at least we will be able to see our lies,

And they’ll be blood on the cement,

But at least there will finally be blood on our hands at the same time.


Now there’s supposedly another dimension where time takes drugs and the events encompassing life are just fiction,

So I will try to fly away on my own trains, I will put a needle of my memories in a clocks veins,

And maybe time will pass faster and a solution to this slavery will become so clear,

And I will see the heavenly dimension of life meet with the satanic dimensions of earth,

And it won’t be invisible and there will be nothing to fear,

But when these dimensions meet, a handshake will turn into a nuclear war,

As new doors open, neurological sores will be exposed and set to detonate

Heaven will explode into the crevices and the fabrics of every inch of the earth,

Exploding the cement,

There’s just blood on the dirt.


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