Now that my time isn’t occupied, I am out looking for lost time,

Putting pictures of clocks on milk cartons with a description my fantasy, my 2% and Vitamin D filled bliss,

Stapling flyers to the fences I’ve always wanted to climb, so preoccupied with this lost time,

But I am just losing more and more all of the time


Checking the flight schedules, so I can at least see time “fly by,”

Maybe I will hijack the flight with a time bomb, some anthrax or some napalm,

And then I can stop time, crash it, and cut off its wings,

Taking it to the emergency room and report it dead at the same time I started living,

At the same time I started living.


A new world that’s all for me…..

The deserted islands bring sand to write in, waves to listen to, and swaying trees to stare at to the desolate beach of my body,

I employee the flowers to be in bloom, pay them a fair wage in water, and never work them overtime,

Rotate my skinny legs around the sun to create the night,


The whole world is mine,

Dancing with my shadow, just so happy to see myself twice,


The whole world is mine,
Buying time shares in the markets I create, sharing my time with every open inch of space,


The whole world is mine,

Tying up the planets, making the milky way a shoelace,


The whole world is mine.


And you know they say: “you can either be in love or be free!”

But they never say the freedom that comes when you are in love with everything,

Creating memories that never have to stay in the past,

A new life is what we have at last,

My arms are thin and shaped like pearly gates,

Million of angels breed just to have this fate,

Running from time and into eternity,

It isn’t love or freedom,

It is just a dream,

It is just a dream.


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