We are a crumbling mountain slaughtering the sun,

Crashing into a full moon; cutting it in half,

The fullness of our love is buried below in the grass,

We are cut in half….


We are a skyscraper; pristine now abandoned,

Crashing into the sea,

A relic of ambition and folly,

Now our love is drowning.


But you just sit back; broken bones and scattered limbs,

Unionize and form a harmony of discontent in your mind,

And to their symphony you unwind and whine; cry about how much you love me,

Do you love me or do you just not want to feel guilty?

Do you love me or do you just feel empty?

Do you love me or do you just feel that part of you is missing?


How am I supposed to be your better half?

You always tried to cut me in half,

Drunken words filled the air,

Words so harsh and so small; the wind carries them to me,

I swallow them and they crawl into my head,

Your words are small and fatal to the fragile me,

Like fire thrown on a building that was never standing,

So I’m on the ground waiting for the fire to be put out,

The wind carries your words again,

As sharp as the guilotene,

I’m on fire,

And I’m fucking cut open.


Yet you want me to complete you,

And you want me to love you like I used to…..


Or are you just scared that without my battered bones you will fall?


When I bleed to death,

You don’t take care of me,

You just ask me why I bleed,

And grieve about how my suffering,

Has made you suffer,

So here I sit bleeding again,

And you just feed me more poison,

Promise and exclaim about how much you love me,

You don’t love me,

You love what you now imagine of me,

You love the idea of standing.





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