There’s a hurricane blowing the doors off my open heart,

In the eye of the storm; my heart is amongst the trees and the bark,

Makes a sound no one can hear yet everyone understands,

Floats down the ocean; ends up being stored in the sand,

An artifact for later centuries,

My heart belongs to everyone but me.


Take my heart,

Pull it and play it like a string,

We will all dance to its beat,

And everything will be in harmony.


There’s an earthquake trying to make it’s way into my open mind,

Rocks derail constructive trains of thought; my mind is a land mine,

Stores up trash that has nothing to do with anything,

A product of a broken society,

My mind belongs to anyone but me.


Take my mind

Put your words and hopes inside of me,

And everyday your voice will take a drive through my mind,

The trains will no longer be derailed,

Everything will run in time,

And with your love; I will live and feel free,

I will be in harmony.


There’s a whistling wind I keep gripped in a tight fist,

Holds all my hopes and dreams and harmonizes it,

And one day that refrain will reach the wind,

And with open hearts and open minds we will all be singing,

So beautiful and so free,

In that perfect harmony.





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