Lying in the grass,

Fucking and smoking grass,

Or smoking grass and fucking?

Who knows I can’t feel a thing,

Yet I feel everything,

The grass turns into the weeds,

Covered in covers that barely cover us,

The moon parallel to our sinking eyes,

These are the nights we always forget,

Yet they are the nights we feel the most alive.


This is our anthem,

Speaking with tied tongues,

Living in knots,

Saluting all the friends we remember but always forgot,

Breaking bread again yet we would never break a thing,

This is the everything in the nothing.


This is our anthem,

Dying liver makes no sound; just disappears into the night,

Heartbeats are our drum,

Crickets are the vocals and the guitar,

Smoking until we can’t see our scars,

Time is flying away yet we wouldn’t hurt a fly,

This is everything you ever wanted to feel inside,

Because we feel nothing but what we feel inside.


We are so care-free selling our cares for free,

Breathe them in the air,

Hope the wind carries them to our friends,

They can have our love even in the rain and sleet,

I remember as the night ended, your words almost ended me,

You told me some people die looking for a pot of gold,

But if you found gold you would just spend it all on pot and smoke with me,

My stomach twisting in circle from laughing; circular like the four leaf clovers hidden like treasure in the grass below,

How lucky am I to have your love,

How lucky am I that your love is the only thing I feel like I have….


The rest of the world has become invisible to me,

All I am is grass, drugs, sex, laughter, and stories,

I am not even bones, I am not even a heart,

All I am is laughter,

Light in the dark,

And all I am is you and all you are is me,

We don’t exist for time,

Time exists for our memories,

Collections of stars, moons, and loose skin,

We live beneath the miserable world,

We are skeletons,

Wearing the grass as our skirts,

And calling our new world heaven.


You said there’s no clear indication you exist,

Besides the thoughts in your sub-conscience,

Your blood is thinning and your pulse hasn’t ate for days,

Yet you’ve never felt so alive,

Dead to everything,

But rejuvenated on the insides.


So this is your anthem,

Let’s bring the sun down to us and we will give it drugs to make it numb,

The moon will have nothing to spin around,

We will stop time and have the time of our lives,

This is the first time we felt free from time,

So put your hands in mine,

And I’ll ask you if with you I can spend all my time,

Or I won’t ask of you a thing,

I’ll just sit back and think,

Let the quietness and the crickets define me,

Let myself feel free,

Because this is my anthem,

This is where nothingness became my first love.



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