10-12-16 (Pt. 2)

Sweaty skin sticking to your sweaty skin,

Broken patterns and whispered omens,

Every beating pulse is my rhythmic, beating devotion,

Every little wet kiss is an ocean,

I’m just a lost and abandoned ship,

Drowning and sinking into the abyss….


I’m drowning inside of you,

In you….

I’m drowning.


Sweaty skin peeling into your sweaty skin,

Like the way the setting sun peels into the bottomless sea,

The seas I explore in every utterance of your speech,

I’m a lost sailor,

I’m always drowning.


I’m drowning in your words,

I’m drowning inside of you,

In you,

I’m drowning.


Sweaty skin blending into soaked sheets,

Breast in my mouth, orchestra sounds with the gnashing of my teeth,

Freckles being kissed like the clouds kissing a beauty mark on the sun’s surface,

And like the sun into the ocean at the end of the day I sink into you,

Gleefully I am drowning in you,

Like a lost sailor,

Not knowing what to say or do,

I’m drowning inside of you.


I’m always drowning in you,

I’m always drowning in you.


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