Casual sex and cigarettes, my day takes the train of my thoughts and crashes into the night,

My head is a collection of stars with hidden histories,

Untold mysteries,

I wonder which galaxies are mine,

Oh I wonder if my stories are just in my mind.


Sometimes I think back to you,

You were born into a cloud of second-hand smoke,

You didn’t breathe,

You just choked,

Well I hope you find your breath soon,

The smoke is tearing your tree of life down to its barren roots.


I tried to plant the seeds,

I tried to give you the water of life,

I built your Rome in one night,

But it’s tough to make it out of your own hell,

Even when you can see your paradise.


Do you remember Savannah?

The way the history spoke to you,

You ran through the cemeteries,

Like you were chasing death,

Even though death was always chasing after you….


And maybe one day you two will meet,

Tears will flow from my eyes like the tides and drown my feet,

And when you shake hands with death, please commit to memory,

All the life I tried to give you when you were with me.


Casual sex and cigarettes,

A smoke cloud form a halo and strangles me by the neck,

I can’t breathe, on this toxic air, I am choking,

And with my last breaths, I will say to you,

“I loved you,

I tried to give you this paradise,

But you can’t have life,

If you are dreaming of another life all the time”.


Do you remember me at all?

I hope you don’t….


But sometimes when I look at the stars in the sky,

I wonder where you are,

And if our paths will align,

And if they did what would the story be?

Triumph or tragedy?

Would we cry or we just wave?

Would we drown or just be the waves?

Yeah, sometimes I look at the stars,

I know you are somewhere safe,

Without me,

At home with your scars.



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