Better Off Without You

I was an airplane floating above the sea,

In between paradise and drowning,

Trying to found my wings,

I’m just floating,

Like most human beings,

I say I want to fly away, but sometimes I want to crash,

I say I want to move forward,

Yet sometimes I drown in my past.


I was a mountain being suffocated by the soil,

I had the ability to tower above my roots,

But I could never find my soul,

So the dirt just swallowed me like quicksand,

My peaks were my valleys too,

I was trapped underground with my love,

I had nothing to give yet my false hope and false affection,

When you’re buried,

It’s kind of tough to have direction.


I was a collection of senses stored in a box,

I could only feel what you told me to feel,

And in those feelings, sights, and smells,

I was lost,

In your words, your hell, and your heavens,

I was lost,

In your disloyalty, your heartbreak, your purgatories,

I was lost,

(Only feel what you told me to feel

Only hurt when you told me to hurt)

I became a part of you,

The rib you built your new self through,

The piece of yourself that would give you peace,

The ladder to the fulfillment you could never reach,

The engine in your hanging airplane,

The quicksand that swallowed your pain,

The tape to your broken box,

The peace after your holocaust,

The soil that we would both descend into,

I became the best and worst parts of you….


But I had no parts left for myself,

No bones,

No muscles,

Just a collection of loose skin,

Ailing and thin,

Stuck to the ground and its poison,

A human abortion,

I was just a pulse trapped inside your prison cell,

I was just a victim of your hell.


Now I’m free,

I jumped out of the plane and swam into the sea,

My bones are attaching themselves to my skin,

I have a body,

My senses have been set free,

And I’m running,

Out of the dirt,

And I’m climbing the mountain,

One day at a time,

I will come to accept,

That I’m better off alone,

I’m better off now that you aren’t mine.




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