Korean Roses

Oh the sky is as blue as that vacant sea,
The clouds are the pictures,
And the whistling wind is the voice of our dreams,
And we sit suffocated by the tallest of green grass,
And enjoying those wine-covered kisses,
Enjoying them so much I forget my past,
Because you are a dream wrapped in the ribbon of your smile,
And you are the smile that always consumes my dream,
Oh what have I done to deserve you?
You are a million beautiful choruses,
The fulfillment of a million sacred verses.

What have I done to deserve you?
(There’s nothing that I could have done)

Do you remember when we were covered in those covers?
The kind of covers that barely covered us,
We were lusting after daydreams that were defined by anything but our lust,
There’s sunshine in everyone of your breaths,
There’s life in you even when you are surrounded by death,
So just lay back with me,
In an ocean so vast yet not suffocating,
Like a night with you,
I’m drowning yet swimming in water so blue.

I don’t know where we go from here,
If I learned about paths, baby, it’s that they are anything but clear,
But I’ve begun to notice the way the mountains reach into the clouds,
Searching for sunlight and to shake hands with God’s smile,
And for some reason, baby, it reminds me of you,
Because you are the sun I should seek,
The mountain I should climb to,
So even if the path is broken and covered in tears,
The clarity of the path it really doesn’t matter,
As long as the destination is clear,
And when I reach that summit and we feel God’s smile fall like rain,
I will know that the path was worth it; every kiss is armor from my previous pain,
And there’s a mountain everywhere I go with you,
You are my permanent sunlight,
My vacant ocean that is always blue.

Those Colorado days when utopia felt like it was only an arms-length away,
Where everything but your mind was lacking strength,
And you prayed so much for those letters to come,
A touch of humanity,
I want you to know everyday with you is a letter,
We just don’t know we are writing.

We just don’t know we are writing.


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