I sometimes sit back in awe,
The wonder of life it makes me pause,
The mountains in symmetry with the sea,
The ocean as blue as my eyes,
Sometimes when I sit back,
I’m so hypnotized.

God, how did you do it?
God, why did you love me?
God, are you here beside me?
Or are you even above me?
Sometimes I doubt you,
But then I look around,
In your beauty….
I want to drown.

I want to drown.

Sometimes when I lay back,
And I don’t really know why,
It feels like every part of me ascends into the sky,
I’m swallowed by the stars,
Woken up the moonlight,
The wind blows me to heaven,
The heaven beneath your eyes,
And every second I stand by your side,
We row in the river,
I could drown and I would have never felt so alive…

And I ask God:
What have I done to deserve these gifts?
Why do you even exist?
Do you even exist?

But then I look in your eyes,
I’m drowning in all of this.


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