The Story of Our Love

We met on a cold and dreary December day,

A month after I first considered my grave,

And I remember it vividly,

The way you first hugged me,

Like you never wanted to let go,

Like you were way too cold from the snow,

Oh the way you held so tight on to me,

I knew the darkness was done for me,

I began to be suffocated by light,

The sunlight in your beautiful eyes,

The way you reciting those slow stories to me,

Each one of them flowed like poetry,

They held hostage the room,

And all that was really left was you and me,

And your mouth moved and form noises,

Choruses deep inside of me,

In some hipster cafe……

Where everything that was good was good before it was discovered,

I felt like I had just stumbled upon Gold,

But the kind that could never be marketed or sold,

Every part of you was pure… and genuine,

Your life was constructed of the rails you traveled on,

So rail thin.


And after that we walked outside,

It began to rain,

I protected you from traffic,

I protected you from pain,

Do you remember how many times we said “classic”?

Everyone around us must have thought we were plastic,

But really they were the plastic ones,

You told me how you killed a snake with a gun,

I was fucking amazed,

You took my breath away,

Laughing to my remind myself I could still speak,

You still thought I was a little too nervous for the first time we would meet.


You gave me a second chance, though,

After a seven paragraph plea,

I always could tell you were the type of girl…..

That prioritized honesty,

And after that we just kept talking,

For days on end,

I joked about the ten people who liked you,

I looked forward to your text every morning,

My heart began to speed up,

But it wasn’t broken anymore,

The pieces have come back together,

No more quick fixes bought and stored,

Just everyday looking forward to what you had in store for me,

The first time I froze with you,

Oh white water rafting,

We went home and played board games,

Cookout dinners,

You said “are you going to ask me to prom?”

I laughed so hard I forgot to shiver.


And then I went home,

I knew there was no one else I wanted to go home to,

I was in love,

In love with you.


I remember it vividly,

“Korean Roses” day,

You met Caroline and Pete,

We picked up your Grandpa,

On the wrong exit of the airport,

Said something about his father dying,

He couldn’t disguise his hurt,

And afterwards you needed cheering up,

We made out with “How I Met Your Mother On,”

Ironically humming in the background, the old hymn,

“I was lost but now I am found,”

And later that night we danced,

Like children in my car,

You said: “I don’t know if we’ll make it, Blair,

But if we do we’ll make it far”.


From that moment on,

I knew we would have more moments to go on,

From that moment on,

I knew we would have more moments to go on.


You stayed with me that night,

As late as you possibly could,

I think you left at 2 AM,

Probably way later than you should,

And that night I wrote a song,

Called “Korean Roses,”

The words just came to me,

Felt like it was some weird sort of Biblical prophecy.


Sometimes you get me to where I cannot speak,

But most of the time you get me to where I can’t speak of anything bleak,

And all of the times we’ve had,

Sometimes just sitting on your couch,


Never leave your new house.


Singing about my blue balls,

Teaching you how to do the John Wall,

More hookah rings,

So many more songs I could sing,

So many more songs to sing,

So many more songs to sing.


But this one sticks out the most,

The story of our love,

The story of our love.


It began on a dreary December day,

Dreaming of my grave,

I came to you for resurrection,

So you sent me out once again,

To face the stillness of your winds,

The kind that reddens my cheeks,

But numbs me to pain,

I feel the most pleasant things,

I feel the most pleasant things.


I feel sunshine in the night,

I feel half-moons and skyscrapers collide,

I see the paradise through your glasses that cover your eyes,

I see paradise,

I go there every night.


I know I have a lot of growing up to do,

But I know as long as I’m with you,

Growing is what I will do.


As cliche as it sounds,

When you have found love what you have really found….

Is a home,

Something deep inside of you,

That isn’t exactly a part of you,

But it might as well be,

It’s not your property, but it is your territory,

And so much nostalgia and hope is placed inside a feeling,

You are my home,

The roof is the ceiling.


You are my home,

You are my sunshine,

Even on a cold and dark December day,

You light my way,

You light my path,

You light my way.


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