The absurdity of it all,

Vacant streetlights that serve as the highways four walls,

Tucking them in and giving them a peculiar sense of life,

A door allowing people to travel in,

To their past, their present, maybe their dreams.


I’ve been down that road so many times,

The exits I’m tempted to go off on,

My life is a car on the edge of a mountainside,

About to fall to my death and about to reach my peak,

That’s the beauty of your life,

You are a moment away from your death,

Yet you are a moment away from saying:

“I’ve never felt so alive”.


Oh the majesty of it all,

The trees soar above the flowers,

The flowers soar above the grass,

The grass soars above the dirt,

The sky soars above me,

And the heavens soar above the sky,

The birds make it into the heavens,

And ask our savior if he wants to see something soar,

If he wants to see the majesty of this all,

The majesty of feeling the weight of this all,

The majesty of feeling so damn small.


And I’ve seen you for four months now,

You make me think of those lights on the streets,

You are my walls of light,

From my head to the bottom of my sheets,

And sometimes I wonder if you are soaring higher than anyone I’ve known before,

You make flowers even out of all my dirt,

And you make heavenly music out of the sound of swaying trees,

I guess it is really love,

When you feel like you are soaring,

I guess it is really love,

When you feel like gravity means nothing.


The totality of it all,

A hegemonic system of fear and capital,

One big eight billion person shopping mall,

Tied up in a round earth and tied up in classes and cultures,

I usually feel inadequate dealing with it all- overfed yet nurtured,

Like I’m just a crack in the smallest crevice of the Earth’s spine,

Like when I’m here I’m so far from the divine,

The world spins me and throws me for a loop,

But the funny thing is,

I fall from space,

I end up back on that highway,

Right next to you.


And somehow you make me forget about it all,

We spin out of control together,

From four walls to four walls,

From galaxy to galaxy,

From highway to highway,

In your kiss,

I lose control of gravity,

I spin in space for days,

And once again we soar towards the heavens,

Unclothed and unaware of our nakedness,

Every second with you is pure,

And that means every second with you is pure bliss,

Soaring again and again,

Every day with you I’m in heaven.


Oh the fraility of it all,

Slipping back and forth between bliss and disaster,

Between freedom and the four walls,

There’s different dimensions in the world,

Yet sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the same place,

In neutral on the neverending highway of life,

A speedbump in the neverending loop of outer space,

But the beauty is in the fragility of it all,

Because when I’m stuck I get to be,

Stuck with you.


And it is amazing how when we are stuck we always move,

We speak of galaxies ridden of enslaving standards and cheap perfumes,

We speak of a God who walked on water and the water he bled out as he died,

And how in three days two beautiful women found him and he was alive,

With just a nail in his hand…. we travel back to that time,

And the world is so open to us,

Our conversations transcend time….


Soaring above it all,

Even when I’m laying with you,

Still as can be,

Tied to our bed,

We soar above everything,

Suspend gravity by staying in one place,

Every day with you is magical.


The beauty of our time,

Time after time it amazes me,

How you can turn every second of our time,

Into something that I consider to be something of pure beauty,

The flowers soar above the dirt,

The wind above the trees,

But when I’m with you,

You soar above everything.


I love you,

My little butterfly,

Soaring everywhere,

Yet nowhere at the same time.


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