Never Alone

My mind is made up so I’ll sleep in it,

They try to make up your mind for you and hope you die in it,

Pass away in a passing thought of passing away,

Your mind is a  flower they want to put to bed,

They want it to wither away.

The mind is just an engine powered by the Diesel fuel of experience,

And it drives down the freeway of your mind and throat and crashes the saliva of your mouth,

And there pouring like rain are all your fears and doubts,

The wind carries the words like a fragile smoke, back into your lungs and your heart,

And then your heart believes your experiences should define you,

And then you wish you could have a new engine,

You wish you were made up of different parts

In all of this mess it is difficult to find or know the truth,

You hold on to your sanity like a kite,

Your fears strangle your neck like an invisible noose,

The mirror shows you a painting of a black hole,

The cement shows you that your shadow won’t even follow,

And your tears provide the earth with the most unneeded rain,

Not only are you alone, but no one understands why you are in pain

But you know better than even I do…

You’ll never be alone as long as I have you….

I’ll mail you my shoulders so you can cry on them,

I’ll fly you my tears so you can have someone to cry with,

I’ll sink myself like chalk in the cement, so you can have something following you,

I’ll give you my arms so you can always have someone holding you,

I’ll give you flowers in bloom to block your view of the dirt,

I’ll give you a kite, so you can fly away to love and away from the hurt,

I’ll give you my stomach so you’ll never be hungry, at least for a while,

I’ll give you my teeth so you know you always make me smile,

I’ll give you my mouth so you can form the words you want me to say for a while,

I’ll give you the seasons so it can always be spring,

I’ll give you my bones so you can throw them to the ground and hear them like a telephone ring,

I’ll give you gold to mine so you can place it as fuel in the back of your mind,

I’ll give you jewels to place on your sleeve to cover your beaten heart,

I’ll give you bandages for the wounds to your head,

I’ll give you so many words that the reading could go on until we are dead,

I’ll give you water so you know you can walk on it,

I’ll give you a map and mark the places where you can find me,

I’l give you a galaxy and let you know when it is expiring,

I’ll give you candles so you’ll always have my light.

Give you my eyes so you’ll always have my sight,

And you’ll see… the beautiful thing I see,

And that you are never alone,

But you are of what my mind is constantly thinking,

You are never alone,

And until the day I die you will always have me

My mind was a gutter,

Now it is a skyline,

My mind was a landmine,

Now it is a telephone line,

That is always calling for someone as beautiful as you,

So whenever you feel alone,

Just know that my mind is made up,

It is in bed right next to you


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