I’m sleeping in an ocean,

My thoughts of you are the waves,

I’m drowning in them,

My mind turns into a life raft,

So many beautiful thoughts of you,

I will not be able to sleep for days.



I’m living in a garden filled with ripe fruits,

I photosynthesize under the sun until I grow from a piece of coal into a piece of truth,

And like a flower our once broken love will now be in bloom,

And our kisses will plant seeds that cover this land, point to a new eternity,

Where no fruit will be rotten,

Where being awake is the same as being in a dream.



I’m dining in a house of cards,

It can be blown over by any wolf or any sheep,

But even if our empire of salt dissolves into the clay,

We will play with those damaged cards by the fire,

And watch the fire give light to the cricket-covered lake,

We will just gamble our lives away.



Naked as when we were shot like rain from the sky,

Laughter will be the soundtrack of our souls,

Kissing under the moonlight will be our hearts lullaby.



The entire world is a marketplace,

Oceans and woods of blank expressions, nameless faces,

Trading wings for ladders,

Souls for stocks,

But even in all of this illogical madness,

Your glorious voice still calls my name,

Like a fugitive I am running and climbing towards your wings,

I’m buying stock in your always visible face.



So place your hand in mine like it is your currency,

And with one stare I will be transported on a red-eye to a new eternity,

There’s no sinners, no marketplaces,

Just your lips,

Just your cute faces.



In this New Jerusalem,

Kissing until our faces are so numb,

I hold you like I just learned how to hold,

I hold you like I’ve just seen my first soul,

You’ll look at all the stars and read them like they are short-stories,

ANd when the planets flip the pages and give us the morning,

We will give them sunlight and give the surrounding flowers a hand for holding,

They will be comforted by the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen,

As for me,

I already have enough water,

In you I’m still growing,

In your love,

I’m still drowning.


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