Free Falling

I’m just a wolf that can’t afford the clothing of a sheep,

I’m just a body that keeps searching for the soul I was supposed to meet,

I’m up all night, wasting away in my dreams of falling asleep.

And they say time will heal all of these wounds, but I’ve prayed to time so many times, she’s getting annoyed and thinking of leaving me behind,

And I’m free falling,

Off the cliffs of my existence and into another dimension,

Beneath the anatomy and fabric of the soil, searching for my lost soul,

I see ghosts and fiends and they take apart my body from my spleen,

And I’m bleeding out everything I wish I had been,

Useless art, but who gives a fuck if I’m just wasting away?

I’m fragile and thin, but really I’m just so freezing,

I’m free falling,

I need you to warm me up.

I’ll tear out the eyes of the birds for a birds eye view,

I’ll tear down trees for papers and write yesterday’s news,

I’ll do anything for a little nostalgia to stop this fall,

I’ll do anything to get my back out from against this wall.



And I’m free falling,

Like a pebble down a sea,

Like a glassed eye dissolving in mercury,

Like a patch of ice at war with a world that is warming,

Like a candle held up by the wind, but then just to be falling.


But wait here she comes again,

Rescuing me with the weight of her always waiting smile,

But here she comes again,

Giving a soul to match my burnt skin,

But wait here she comes again,

And instead of free falling…. I’m skipping,

Above the soil and into an ocean of love


And fuck here she comes again,

Raising me into her heavens,

Where every time I see her is the time that heals my wounds,

Where every kiss with her takes me to another dimension, and where every place with her is the moon,

Where burdens are sent to fly away with the birds and burn away in the sun,

Where lies are cannibalized and eaten like our prey,

And it seems like everything we have prayed for is finally coming true,

Like a divine intervention, a spontaneous romantic fiction,

Can this beauty be reality or is this merely my imagination, a graceful and saving hallucination?


Well I hope this is reality,

Take your hand and press it against mine ever so slightly,

Well I hope it is reality,

Because I feel myself free falling,

And I’m just in love with you again,

I’m free falling into your heaven.


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