Your body is my temple,
And I worship in it,
Three services every morning, afternoon, and evening,
And after the services conclude,
We get drunk and sleep the next day until forty past noon,
And the hymn of our life replays,
You moan and wish this day,
Could be the rest of our days.


You are a cocktail in a caustic dress,
From your toes to the crevices of your breast,
Intoxicated at every touch,
Days spent in daydreams of your lust,
My life doesn’t go in days,
Just moments that never end,
When my drunken breath reaches your neck,
When my sweaty skin sticks to your sweaty skin,
The temple I always drunkenly stumble in,
My constant communion,
My bloody wine tasting omen.


Moans fill the air,
Blending in with the cathedral bells,
Gloomy yet glowing,
Sophisticated yet simple,
All of our stories intertwined
They are spoken of in your screams,
In the stories of your dreams,
Whispered into the fabric of my skin,
Sewed into my sweat,
Pouring out into the scenery,
Giving color to everything.


Your body is the temple I worship in,
It tells everything of you; the gospel of your existence,
Red letters scriptures in the story of your red colored eyes,
Parted red seas in your truths that are dressed up as plagues; as a disguise,
Oh those truths are so divinely and inherently universal,
They make my universe seem like a lie,
And then I realize,
Your body might be the temple I worship in,
But your breath is the sun that gives me a reason to believe I should seek the temple at all….


That I should seek life outside these four walls of my limited worldview,
My brain cells are trapped in the cells of my experience,
Webs of thought collapsing inside the spider webs of my old flames,
The flames of my past extending so high,
They block the sun from my view.


But then by luck our chance or some divine intervention,
The sun came down to my eyes,
In the form of you,
At first you blinded me so I was stuck in the mine of my mind,
Black coal of the black hearts I had left behind infecting my breath and trapping in my spine,
But with every kiss you began to set me more and more free,
Out of the prison and the mine,
In the temple,
To where I began to be cleansed,
And I began to become a human being.


Lost and then found in your grace,
A million of objects floating in this space,
Spaced out and only wanting to invade your space,
In your pew and in your aisles,
In your heaven worshipping all the while.


You see….
I was blind but now I see,
Foresight and sight in every kiss,
I feel the past, present, and future in all of our bliss,
Trapped in the moment yet feeling everything beyond this moment,
Like I’ve died and gone to heaven,
And like I’ve been born into the flawed earth every time,
In your pews and your aisles,
Every day,
Your body is my temple,
But my life is in our smiles.


And here we sit,
Not doing a thing at all,
Walking down some city,
Locked into its four walls and urban sprawl,
Parking lots and shopping malls swallowing our feet,
Billboards block the sun,
It seems like it is once again out of reach,
But then you turn to me,
And the absurdity of it all comes to a stop,
I’m inside the temple,
Worshipping having a chance to worship at all.


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