The Burn (For MK)

This life,
A ferries wheel of commodities and prescription pills,
Heal all your ills by creating more ills,
Making yourself feel stillness by keep moving,
Around in circles,
Around in the ferries wheel,
Everything is fake,
But it has to be real.

This life,
A Forrest fire surrounded by beautiful candlelight,
So you just jump into the fire,
There’s third-degree burns like needles tattooing your skin,
But you jump in the fire,
In hope that you’ll see the candles,
And they’ll extinguish the fires of loneliness…..
That burn you from within,
And you’re covered in burns from all of those who burn you,
But you point to the building burning down above you,
And you say what a tragedy,
So many people are out of work,
So many people will have to really suffer,
So much more than me or you.

Everything you feel,
Everything you feel,
So fake but it has to be real,
All the love we fake,
We burn to death,
Just for someone who won’t burn us,
And in the end we either get a little water or we just turn into rag and bone,
In the end we don’t remember the fires,
If someone gives us a home.

I remember it vividly,
This past weekend when all of my life turned into my poetry,
I was tied to a shore of some local beach,
My body in the sand,
My soul a refugee,
Out in the ocean floating,
I thought of you and how much I missed you,
And even though there were plenty of fish in the sea,
And they were nibbling and frantically biting,
And trying to drown me,
I remember you,
And the water you first gave me,
The love so powerful it healed all my burns,
The love so powerful that it could make a ferries wheel stop mid-turn,
And in that moment I swam away,
From all the fishes and hoped I would end up with you,
There’s nothing more that I could want,
You are all my poetry come true.

Everything I feel right now,
So real it must be fake,
So real it must be fake.

But my head is spinning in a circle with thoughts of you,
Your lovely kisses,
Like acid rain on a flower bed,
Like water they help me grow,
Like poison they lure me to your bed.

Your angelic smile,
Like an injection of heroine,
Tearing up my insides like the most pleasant and delicate addiction.

And in your sleep,
You look like a hiding angel,
Camouflaged by those white sheets,
I kiss you goodnight,
And you kiss me back,
That water from your lips,
Trickles down my mouth,
And like a ferries wheel with two broken wheels,
It heads straight down the cliff of my mouth down to my heart,
Puts out my fires inside,
I can love again,
I can restart.

I know I’ve written it before,
But I feel like you’ve been writing it inside of me for seven years and four score,
Everything when I’m with you is poetry,
The perfect film score,
So as I step out into the sea again,
I see the fulfillment of everything I’ve written,
How the waves move so majestically,
They hit me and they form a rhyming rhythm again and again,
Salt water in my mouth as I sing along,
Sand in my feet and on my palms,
It sounds like I’m drowning,
But maybe I’m just being made new,
Dying in the poetry that is my life with you.

This life,
A smoke screen of luxury that is really just smoke,
Taste so good, but on those commodities you will choke,
And when all that is left is your memory,
Playing tricks on you…. a game of hide and go seek,
The only thing you’ll remember is love,
You’ll regret not running through the fire,
As absurd as it sounds,
I would run through anything for my love.

And as the sun withdraws into the night,
Draws a bath in the separated stars,
Uses the rain for water,
The nightlight for candlelight,
The wind washes her off and tucks her away,
And I float next to you,
And we notice the absurdity of it all for the first time,
I say the world is a complicated place,
But with you the complexity makes sense,

With you the complexities makes me feel alive.

Burnt to my bones,
It was worth it,
Because when I got to the other side,
I got to swim in your waters,
I finally got to feel alive.


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