After work I’m going to have a beer or maybe eighteen,
I’ll pick you up from the corner of the corner store,
We will dance in the parking lot,
Like you just checked out a pair of brand new feet,
Like models on the cover of a magazine,
Like two swans gliding yet attached at the hip,
We will be still like the comatose,
Yet flying away,
With each step learning to live.

Like a kite tied to a tree,
We are stuck together but constantly moving away,
We are more attached than ever yet separated by a sea,
And like I kite tied to a tree,
I’m stuck to you,
Yet you are so far from me.

I miss you.

All this green grass surrounds me,
Four leaf clovers and bark from the other cut down trees,
Flowers and daisies bounce off my eyes like I’m a spider web,
This sprawling landscape sprawling out in front of me,
Yet I’m just a kite tied to a tree,
Flying to you is the only thing of which I can think.

I miss you.

After you get off work we will dive into that dive bar,
Filled with people who just look like scars,
And you will lay it out so gleefully for me,
Say you would give your spine if anyone would actually have a spine,
And you would give your legs if it meant that you could run away,
And you would give your head,
If it meant your mind wouldn’t go to waste.

And that’s my fantasy,
The way your words echo and bounce off the ceiling,
Just to come down and like a brush paint a picture of me,
I’m the color of the fields you are seeing,
Green with envy.

I hang on every word,
Surprised I still have any breath left,
Most of the time I suffocate on every utterance,
The beautiful chaos of our conversation,
The complexity of our nonsense.

And god damn I miss you,
I feel like a kite tied to a tree,
With heaven above me,
And a pot of gold below,
And flowers in the middle,
With you there’s anywhere I could go,
But I’m stuck here for a while,
But I still picture us dancing everytime I hear you dial,
And it brings me to a place,
Where in my mind we are flying away,
Yet staying in the same place,
Two kites tied to a tree,
I’m flying anytime you breathe next to me.

Blown by your wind into the sky,
I miss you all the time.

The way your body ties around me,
Like a half moon around a sunken star,
Like a star around a withering tree,
It just feels like we are meant to be,
But now it’s just me tied to this tree,
Trying to use the branches as wings,
But I’m just a kite without you, a paper airplane,
I need you in my picture,
The jet fuel to my empty veins.

The way you finish my thoughts,
The way your thoughts finish me,
Put me in a place,
I can’t stop thinking of what you say for evenings,
But mainly I think of dancing again and again,
Tied arm to arm floating around,
Empty gas station parking lots,
Just me, you, or drinks and that half moon,
Singing wagon wheel while my car gets no wheels,
There’s no better thing to feel.

So much love radiates off of you,
Like there’s little bits of sunshine in your smiles,
And I’ve been missing that for a while,
But when you come back,
To this kite tied on a tree,
We will fly away by tying ourselves up to the same tree,
There’s beauty with you in anything.

I miss you


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