Head in a straitjacket,
Heart in the water,
Body made of salt,
I won’t even bother.

I’ll just drift away,
From day to day,
I’ll just drift away,
From city of ash to country of clay,
I’ll just drift away,
From notebook to book to wherever my words can stay,
I’ll drift away.

Head in the stars,
Heart in the sun,
Body is a full moon
Rain brings me down,
In a million parts,
A fossil covered in dying grass,
A pulse buried in the dirt of the past.

I’m just fading out,
Illogical fears turn into sincere doubts,
I’m just fading out,
A star covered by a moon,
I’m just fading out,
I’ll fade away soon.

Hair that struck oil,
Dark and wavy; yet with flashes of Gold,
Body that struck my soul,
Every crevice makes my crevices sink until I totally fold,
Until all I am is just skin and eyes,
And all you can do is leave me behind.

I’ll watch you fly away,
Down frozen interstate,
I’ll watch you fly away,
From man to man to life to grave,
I’ll watch you fly away,
I have no arms,
To grab you and tell you to stay.

Victims of abuse,
Gathered under a noose,
Their hearts in the fire,
Their mind is asking for a truce,
A never-ending battle between head and heart,
It doesn’t end at youth.

It never fades away,
It just makes less and less noise,
Obligations to camouflage all your voids,
So like my body blends in with grass,
You’re head will blend in with time,
And then when your time ends,
You’ll hope for relief in another life.

Throw me in the water so deep,
Just so I can show,
How deep my love is for you,
But it doesn’t really matter, oh please,
You’re still trying to destroy me.

Head in the glass,
Because my head is in the past,
Heart buried in the sand,
Because you told me to put my head in the sand,
Don’t watch,
This will be over quickly,
Why do you want to destroy me?

I’m going to run away,
From love to love,
From day to day,
From interstate to interstate,
From state on the map to states of my mind,
From crossing state lines to doing lines,
From transcending time to just wanting to be a part of time,
From the grass to the skyline,
Until I find a place,
Where I feel that I’m not just drifting away,
A place where I can choose,
When and where I want to fade away.

Oh the empty spaces that fill the empty spaces between all the empty spaces that form the shape of my heart,
Throw a candle in there hope my heart,
Is no longer covered in emptiness,
But a gentle spark,
That will never exhaust,
And from this emptiness,
Will set me apart.


And I won’t drift away.


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