The World Is My Friend

The glimmering lights,
Spread like glitter into the skyline,
Fly into the half-moon and make it full,
Give life to the chaos below.

The swaying trees,
Branches are arms and leaves are teeth,
They’ve always spoken to me like a close friend,
One that is always changing its skin,
So it cast no judgments.

The docile dirt,
Can be beautiful or ugly depending on its form,
And how you manipulate it and the way it interacts with the grass,
Reminds me of myself and how I think of my past.

And as I walk down these shy streets,
The kind that never make a noise even though they are walked over repeatedly,
I see the glimmering lights shake hands with my shadow,
I know the world is chaotic,
But someone is always looking out for me.

Life is glimmering


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