The apple didn’t fall far from the tree,

Because the tree was cut down,

The apple quickly learned the merits and consequences of gravity,

Now the branches of the tree are tangled in the dirt,

Those bad apples gather around the tree to quietly mourn,

This history so quickly turns into a distraction,

Roots turn into a shopping mall,

Something where everything yet nothing tragic happens.


The apple didn’t fall far from the tree,

The apple only sees the tree through the lenses of virtual reality,

The apple only knows escapism as its reality,

Dreams of a family tree chopped into pieces,


Pieces that land in the dirt, the water, or are sucked by leeches,

Pieces that are anything but tied to the soil,

Pieces that can be avoided and ignored,

Pieces that sometimes show up on billboards,

Or sometimes in the apples dream,

Sometimes its hard for the little apple,

To determine its roots from its seeds.


I don’t know how the apple fell so far from the tree.

I don’t know how we fell so fast, baby.


In the beginning there was a tree,

Its branches extended to the heavens,

Its roots floated gracefully in the sea,

It held every secret of humanity,

But then the fruit fell from that tree,

And the tree couldn’t bear anymore fruit,

And the tree cut itself down; it decided not to reproduce,

So the apples for centuries have tried and plead,

To build a new version of that tree,

But again and again and again,

They chop down anything that reminds them of those roots.


The apple rolls around in dirt,

Gets strangled up by the roots of earth,

Its arms are grass and its legs are fire ants,

The roots of the earth rub the apple softly,

And say: “Why do you always forget about me?”


The apple says I’ve been trying to remember you for years,

Crosses, cathedrals, sacraments, belief in the unreal,

War, blood, treasure, and cutting down every rotten tree,

The roots of the earth strangle the apple again,

Singing: “You still aren’t listening”.


The apple said it couldn’t see those roots through the trees,

A moral forest and we picked the wrong numbers for the lottery,

A square dance we chose the wrong partners for,

A reason we will no longer endure,

The roots say I know,

But I’m still so mad,

I gave you free will,

You gave the world quick sand.


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