The Room

The bombs left the sky as just a half lit vacant sign,
An empty room filled with no lights,
No sign of existence,
The lightning tried to come in to escape the glassy cement,
The rain was tied to the grass,
Falling like shards of glass; to the dirt it was a hostage,
All of the heavens were helpless; begging for a way out of earth,
I kept them in their cell,
Wanting everything in the world to feel my hurt.

As I traveled in darkness,
Always tying myself down to invisible tracks,
When no train would come,
I would always blame the steam of the engine,
Instead of my chosen path.

My heart was the river,
Waves flooding from my mind,
And as my head and my heart combined,
I left that path behind.

Then the lights starting coming back on,
In an assembly line the clouds worked overtime to place the sun over North Tryon,
The water came up from the ground and splashed into my face,
As I went to the wrong address twice,
But eventually found your face.

A map onto itself,
A constellation from space forms a beauty mark on your face,
And your face is darkened by the sun,
Your eyes are hazel like a fall leaf…

And that’s what you symbolized to me,
Like I had a map that was cut into pieces,
But you gave me a compass,
And that was always my missing piece.

At the steps,
Where disappointment shakes hands with regret,
They meet and decide to form anger,
And make me a resident of their web,
But as I escaped,
I took residence at your place,
And you built a home,
In the back of my head.

A permanent place for you,
I can pull you into my thoughts at anytime,
There’s no rent,
And all you have to do is rest,
Because really all I need is the knowledge,
That you are out their somewhere,
Introduce air to light and light to the air,
And if you flood my head from time to time,
The levee of my head will break,
And my brain will drip into my heart from my mind,
And my heart will beat in some sort of crooked symmetry,
With the vacant parking lots,
With the half-lit sun,
With the museums of false histories,
Everything around me will be given your beauty,
And my world will never turn dark,
My heart will emit light,
As it reproduces with my mind,
A photograph of you,
In my heart is pixelized.

As thoughts of you cover the bed,
Of your residence in the back of my head,
I can say goodnight,
But I know the happiest things,
Will come when you swim in my dreams tonight.


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