As time passes by,

In circles,

In straight lines,

Whatever your truth,

Whatever that time means to you.

I hope you find it soon.


As time passes by,

Time is leaving a lot more behind,

Those who have no truth,

I hope you find out what that means to you.

I hope you believe in it soon.


As time passes by,

Holocaust and genocides,

In new languages and new customs,

The market always reaches equilibrium,

What standard of living would equate,

To the standard of life when this all was a blank slate,

Before the advent of thought,

Who could have thought it would turn into this?


Another turning point,

Turns itself in,

Tired of the same old endings,

Swallow your pills regulate your dopamines,

Is there a mean in the means to the end?


I’m falling…


What scale is this scale in?

Would it break with the weight of gold, myrrh, and frankinscene?

Or would it break with the weight of Auschwitz, Rwanda, and the rape of the Manchu?

What does the pendelum of justice mean to you?


I hope you can make sense of it soon


What key is this key in?

What doors would it unlock?

The doors that exist behind our conscience?

Or the doors that exist in direct proximity?

The pizza joint, the abandoned joint, your own flailing joints…..


I hope you find a home soon.


What does this tree mean?

Does it hold any hidden knowledge from me?

Could it tell me what was good and what was bad?

Before the concept was warped by all we’ve had to have,

Or is the tree just a tree?

A mechanism used by human beings,

For the pleasure of other human beings,

Do we have any hidden meaning?

Or are we just here to build something…


I hope you find your new leaf soon.


What did that night mean?

When we were spiraling,

To places no one has spiraled before,

Drunken keys that unlocked drunken doors,

Took me to another dimension,

Several colliding fictions,

Throwing hands just to be in your arms,

I could have spent forever with you,

But I had to wake up the next day for an alarm.

I hope you have reason to wake soon.


I hope you find it soon.


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